The free end of Seattle. Between the Maidan and the "Islamic state"*

So the inevitable happened: undemocratic American police stormed the occupied radicals of downtown Seattle, Washington. "Organized a protest on Capitol hill" (CHOP) existed for a long time, almost a month (from June 8), but nothing lasts forever. It's time to figure out what it was and what happens now.

About "will" — the question is more than difficult. The first nation in the world happened, an event: the occupation anarchists (radicals, "Antifa", call it what you want) six blocks of the center of the 12th by value city in the country. While some (local) government for a long time did not want to do anything, in fact, standing on the side of the invaders, while others (Federal) had nothing to do with the locals. Or, on the contrary, the Republicans did not want to interfere with the Democrats (and Seattle is their) to show the country his face? And the Democrats, in turn, wanted to provoke the feds to violent military action without coordination with local? In General, losing votes in the November presidential election are both parties, the question is, who is more. And we, the outside world was left with mixed feelings to observe the internal collapse of a superpower.

But what there was... Facts have accumulated indefinitely. On the eve of the crackdown published an excellent report resource Daily Signal with unique or widely-known videos, screenshots, and other visual AIDS. Let's see what we from this picture interesting.

It turns out almost nothing. Because everything was. It is the Kiev Maidan. Previously, the attempt to make something similar in Moscow on Clean ponds. Well, Hong Kong, Cairo, and then everywhere: nothing unexpected in Seattle against the background of other episodes are not seen. Yes, even if you compare CHOP with mansions in Moscow the year that way in 1918, where he was the anarchists, and here the picture is familiar.

First: the terms of a lot of people with good persons, discussing high themes and playing the guitar. And "their" — that is, a democratic media these individuals admire. To touch such people is impossible.

Second: in the US, not only Republicans like guns. From the other hand it also happens, although the Democrats are trying to legally disarm America. Recall that the key point of the creation of CHOP in Seattle was that from this area the local authorities brought the police, closed its branch in the center. That is the American government in these six blocks was cancelled. The authorities surrounded the CHOP concrete Natalbany that no one disturbed the peace of the radicals — and they drew their friendly gun clubs. Which became the power.

Third: the authorities have received specific. People with good persons, maybe, looting and violence doesn't regularly do, but the zone was penetrated and just criminals. Although the fight has happened between your. Tellingly, among several killed this month on the "territory of freedom" most of the black — and how they do it? Well, it is clear that, although the area was a special area for smokers, drugs sold or distributed without any territorial or other restrictions.

Fourth: as for freedom. And for someone like this. Part of the CHOP was reserved only for the privileged oppressed blacks, however, had the right to hold back their sympathizers of a different color. Others — whites, Asians or Latinos are not allowed there from eight in the morning until eight at night. Journalists of "good" media have met all over the CHOP good, but the media from the Republican camp — do not even dream. Democracy, as we know, the domain of the Democrats.

And again repeat: what are we here to impress? Here, for example, than: weblog publishing our American compatriot Alexander Maistrafego that there is no fundamental difference between these radicals and the "Islamic state."* Someone else maybe remembers that not so long ago, these jihadists also seized the territory itself (selecting it from the two States of Syria and Iraq) and began to direct their orders there.

As "progressives" of the West, writes the man, the jihadists absolutely indifferent to the fate including Muslim States. They — and those and others — just hate all around, ready to destroy the whole country where there is this opportunity, whether it is Syria, Libya or Yemen. The "Antifa" and "Black lives matter" have the support of the Western globalist elites as well as the jihadists have the support of the Muslim religious authorities. So these two Hydra heads are plagued by the body of world civilization.

But these two movements do not tolerate competition, he concludes (well, Yes, as mentioned above, they tolerate only their own). And if you ever have to stand up, it is easy to predict who in this battle will be the winner.

It remains to wonder why — except for this American of Russian origin — no one has still not seen the obvious similarities with the "Islamic state"* all these destroyers of the modern society. Well, in fact, still the culture should be destroyed, the story needs to suggest only about the original crime of your country, the relationship between people should be built anew from scratch, with the dissenters never for a moment is impossible to discuss, and the power necessary to provoke violence (including seizure of territory), then to reset. Technology, nothing more.

...Yes, why still in Seattle decided to disperse the Maidan-jihadist "territory of freedom"? And in these six blocks, in fact, there are local people who have apartments there, who work. Somehow forgot (and the city government, and "anti-fascists"), but they are currently still recalled.

*A terrorist organization banned in Russia.