Experts appreciated the organization of voting on amendments to the Constitution

The experience of Russia in holding a vote during a pandemic can be used in other countries, said international experts at a press conference organized by MIA "Russia today".

Voting on amendments to the Constitution took place in Russia from 25 June to 1 July, according to the results of processing 100% of protocols for the adoption of amendments voted 77,92% of Russians against - of 21.27%. The turnout, according to the information center of the CEC data, amounted to 67,97%.

"This experience can play a role of model for many States in pandemic postpone the date of the vote. It is necessary to create the necessary conditions so that the people could Express their will", - said the international expert from Ethiopia, a representative of the Union of African diplomats Angessa Arc Chala.

According to him, voting in Russia has shown that the country is ready to provide security for the population in the voting process. "What I saw - an indication that the country is really advanced and is ready to ensure democratic and free expression of the will of the people. All health standards are met: means of disinfection, masks, gloves and compliance with the track," he said.

Russian electoral system conforms to the standards of international law, said an international expert from Afghanistan, the head of the Association of assistance to development of youth of Afghanistan, doctor of historical Sciences Mohammad Tamim Ahlas.

"For me it was a great experience that I can use for my country. I think my colleagues, too. We have gained huge experience," he said.

According to him, he visited about 12 polling stations. "I want to Express my opinion that in each plot, we did really good. We could ask questions and the Chairman, and observers", - said Ahlas.

"In a pandemic to organize elections - is not an easy job. Precautions very clearly observed, everywhere was disinfected and order," - said the expert.