"This should be done immediately": what really the US will punish Russia

The main events of the past day in the advanced world have become the statement of the speaker of Congress Nancy Pelosi about the urgent need to introduce new sanctions against Russia, as well as new records daily increase in new infections with coronavirus Americans.

Pelosi statement, we recall, followed within quite a crazy history with "Russia's collusion with the Taliban* against the Americans." The bottom line is this story is a not even information obtained by the American secret services from their sources, and the "conclusion according to the results of interrogations of Taliban" by some analysts — that someone in Russia with some fright decided to pay the Taliban for many years killing American soldiers for the killing of American soldiers (with the same success, Russia would be able to pay the Africans for fertility).

But the trick is that today's America does not live more according to the usual laws of the functioning of the normal state ("In Washington is happening now many unexplained", correctly described the situation, Dmitry Peskov). She lives according to the law a fatal internal battle of HYIPs, and this law can be formulated as follows: "No laws."

Therefore, the head of the house of representatives of nuclear powers, one of the first persons of the state, besides proclaiming their ideology of justice and fairness, responding to the occurrence of not confirmed by anything, "operational information" a clear and practical political conclusion: it is necessary to impose sanctions against another nuclear power and this should be done immediately.

And the media, vbros the information itself in the public space, not bothered by her confidence, already accuses the current President that he "does not like to report bad things about Russia". Thus practicing on the new, so to speak, the case repeatedly failed earlier thesis "tramp — Russian spy".

As for the second "news" — that the daily number of detected cases COVID-19 in the United States rose to a record 50 000 , then it's amazing how it work its the American media.

Here, for example, writes the authoritative edition of the Huffington Post:

"Some reasons for the recent surge can be traced to the celebration of memorial Day in late may".


"Antimasonic crusade trump came back to bite him."

The New York Times:

"Polls show that many American men find wearing the mask is a sign of weakness, and the refusal of President trump wearing a mask suggests that he considers it a matter for wimps."

If you thought that these mighty examples analysts might have missed something, then no, you are not. They imposed a complete taboo to the fact that since the end of may and to this day all across America, spit on the social distance, the call to stay at home and everything else, go many thousands crowds the representatives of the progressive and right movement Black Lives Matter, making a lot of deeply socialized actions: smash shops, set fire to buildings, beat up cars, kill people (at the moment, according to conservative and is not a complete count, on account of BLM more than 25 corpses), kneel and wash the feet of the minorities.

Therefore, progressive analysts criticize toxic masculinity of the people (not the people), irresponsibility trump and the may Day memory, but stubbornly refuse to see lying on the surface, dadadou all the pipes and smoky fires smoke obvious reason.

What I would like to mention.

There is reason to believe that these two examples are symptoms of the same phenomenon — a massive and scary.

Briefly it can be called "the ideology of emotional security." According to this ideology, the right to exist is only that logic and those facts that do not hurt the emotional comfort of the target audience and are not contrary to its views.

For the target audience don't matter, the question of how idiotic the invention is the stuffing of the "Russian paying for American scalps." And the question of why in fact there was a new surge of coronavirus in America, too, is not important.

We are dealing with a sort of terrible emo-a variation of Occam's razor, according to which there is no need to look for the true interpretations of any phenomena, if there is interpretation, emotionally acceptable and correct.

Therefore, "in any difficult situation to blame Russia and the tramp".

It doesn't fucking help, of course, to solve the real challenges facing America's problems — the notorious loss of world leadership, and the inability to cope with the pandemic.

But it will satisfy a combat asset of the progressive forces within American society and will allow opponents of the current American President is out to get him.

By the way, this is all happening in a country that we still have some puts as an example. However, judging by the results of the popular vote, Russia the magic phrase "in America" has ceased to operate.