Medvedchuk has evaluated the possibility of cancellation of norms of the Russian language in Ukraine

Amendments in article of the Constitution of Ukraine concerning the free development, use and protection in the country of the Russian language is impossible as there are many Russian-speaking citizens, said the head of the political Council of the parliamentary faction "the Opposition platform For life" Viktor Medvedchuk.

In mid-January of the current year the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the law "About complete General secondary education", which significantly reduces learning in schools in minority languages, including Russian. In March, President Vladimir Zelensky law was signed. Russia called on international human rights institutions of the UN, OSCE and Council of Europe to give an adequate assessment to actions of the Ukrainian authorities in connection with the discrimination of the Russian language.

Later Zelensky said that it is necessary to determine whether the fair language quotas, which operate in Ukraine, and called to restore order in this matter.

"Theoretically, it (the amendment of the article of the Constitution – ed.) may be almost not can take place... We're talking about section I of article 10 of the Constitution. It is possible to make changes only in case if the Parliament will gain 300 votes, and then it will be confirmed at a national referendum," – said Medvedchuk, answering a question of journalists on how it can be likely that will be amended in the Constitution regarding the language of the law. This is the website of the party on Thursday.

The politician believes that to gain the 300 votes in Parliament with the exception of the Constitution rule on the special status of the Russian language is impossible, since in Ukraine a lot of Russian-speaking citizens. "Today it is almost impossible to do, because supporters of the Russian language a great number, and this number will not give the opportunity to confirm that the referendum", - he concluded.

The law on state language was sharply criticized by the Ukrainian opposition and Russia. According to the Russian permanent representative to the OSCE Alexander Lukashevich, Ukrainians are de facto divided on speaking in Ukrainian and "rogue" States, whose ability to learn, to heal and to use other social services will be significantly limited.

According to the official 2001 census, the Russian language called native 14,273 million Ukrainian citizens, or 29.6% of the population of the country. According to a survey conducted in 2004 by Kiev international Institute of sociology (KMIS), Russian language use at home by 43-46% of the population of Ukraine.