Poland's Prime Minister has urged Ukrainians to come to the presidential elections

The Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki urged citizens not to be afraid of the coronavirus and come to the presidential elections.

In the second round of presidential elections in Poland, which will be held July 12 came by the acting head of state, the candidate from ruling party "law and justice" Andrzej Duda, gaining 43,5% of votes and candidate from the opposition "Civic platform", the mayor of Warsaw, rafał Trzaskowski from 30.46% of the votes.

"I'm glad that we are becoming less afraid of this virus, this epidemic. This is a good approach, ladies and gentlemen, because he already is on the decline, it is now not necessary to be afraid of him," said Morawiecki, speaking in Tomaszow-Lubelski.

He promised that elections would be held safe from the sanitary point of view. "We have to go to the polls EN masse on July 12. Will be complied with all sanitary requirements are very adequate. Nothing happened today – nothing will happen on 12 July," - said the Polish Prime Minister.

Morawiecki believes that attending a polling station is safer than going to the store. "Everyone, especially seniors, are not afraid, we go to the polls. It is important to be able to continue in a fair direction. It is safer than every day to go to the store, the post office, in the Church," he said.

The Prime Minister noted that the warm weather is not conducive to the spread of the virus. "I appeal especially to people who did not go (to vote) because you were afraid. Have nothing to fear. In summer, flu viruses, and the coronavirus is weaker, much weaker," said Morawiecki.

According to Ministry of health of Poland for the last day in the country laboratory studies have confirmed the presence of coronavirus 371 people. The total number of positive samples from the beginning of the epidemic is 35 146, 1 492 people died.

So far in Poland there is the mode of the epidemic, introduced in March.

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