The tabloid will pay Geoffrey rush record compensation in libel case

The Australian newspaper the Daily Telegraph, will be paid to the actor Geoffrey rush record compensation of $ 2.9 million dollars in the case of libel, The Guardian reports.

And though in the Daily Telegraph claimed that this amount is "manifestly excessive" (only for non-pecuniary damage rush has to pay 850 thousand dollars), and tried to challenge the decision of the Federal court of Australia, issued in April 2019 (when the rush won a libel suit), claims tabloid completely rejected.

At the end of 2017 Jeffrey rush was outraged by the article published in the Daily Telegraph. In them the journalist Jonathan Moran accused him of "misconduct" against the actress Erin Jean Norville (the winner of the award "Oscar" played in a production of "King Lear" in 2015-2016). Then she told me that the actor allegedly intentionally touched her breast during a performance.

Rush addressed the court and stated that these accusations had caused "irreparable reputational harm" (after this scandal, the actor has left a post of the President of the Australian Academy of cinema and television. – Approx.ed.).