The expert described the benefits of smart meters for the Russians

Executive Director of NP "ZHKH Control" Svetlana Razvorotneva in the interview with "Izvestiya" told what advantages the Russians will get when you install "smart" meters.

"The new common system will simultaneously take readings and door-to-door, and on entering the house. Accordingly it is not necessary to go to the staff of the supplier and rechecked for citizens," she said.

There would also be no need to take readings of meters, added Razvorotneva. The expert stressed that the existing metering devices have different accuracy class.

According to her, Russians do not every month give meter readings, and this leads to allocations and causes confusion.

Starting Wednesday, Russia began to act the law on the implementation of intelligent electricity metering systems, which include, in particular, smart meters. According to the energy Ministry's estimates, this approach will enable the country to reduce energy loss up to 80 billion rubles per year.