Colombia's Navy seized 7.5 tons of cocaine from a ship near Panama

The Minister of defence of Colombia, Carlos Holmes Trujillo reported the seizure in international waters near Panama record in this year's batch of hydrochloride of cocaine weighing about 7.5 tons.

"During joint operations of the naval forces and the national police, in coordination with the US authorities had seized over 7.5 tons of cocaine chlorohydrate on a vessel under the flag of Colombia near Panama," he said in a video message on Twitter.

The cost of the withdrawn party in the international market is estimated at $ 286 million. According to the Minister, the party drug, mixed with building materials, belonged to the Mexican group "the Clan of the Bay" and heading from Columbia Cartagena to the Panamanian port of colon.

A month earlier, the national police of Colombia reported the seizure in the port of Buenaventura cargo of cocaine weighing 5 tons, bound for Turkey. The two largest taken this year's instalment worth more than half a billion dollars.

More than 90% of the world's Coca plantations are concentrated in the so-called "Andean marketreports", which includes Colombia, Peru and Bolivia. In a small amount of Coca growing plantations in Panama, Ecuador, in the South-West of Venezuela and North Eastern Brazil.