Study: demand for waiters in Russia has doubled

The removal of the restrictive measures imposed in Russia due to coronavirus infection, increased the number of vacancies for waiters twice for the service for job search and recruitment "Job.ru".

It also notes that in April the service at a 61% decrease in the number of vacancies for waiters, and in may in comparison with March the number of vacancies fell by around 77%.

The number of waiters summary in April declined by 19% in comparison with March, and in may - on 29%. "This can be attributed to the fact that many applicants wish to change their profession just make up a new summary, but not edit, or delete old," States the report.

"The position waiters often expect women they published 68% summary. The average age of applicants is 23 years", - says the service.

With the removal of restrictions on the number of resumes for the position of waiter has not changed, but apply for a vacancy became 50% more, and most of the waiters look for today in Moscow and Moscow region, St.-Petersburg, the Tyumen region, Krasnodar region and Tatarstan signed in "Work.ru".