Named application scenario "threatening" the Crimean bridge Ukrainian rocket

The head of the design Bureau "Luch" in the composition of the concern "Ukroboronprom" Oleg Korostelev in an interview with YouTube channel "Security Talks" talked about tactics of Ukrainian cruise missiles, the R-complex 360 RC-360МЦ "Neptune".

Korostelev said that it involves the application of from one to three missiles on different types of ships.

According to him, about twenty seconds of continuous operation of such guns allows you to shoot down a missile, but then the ship is "naked".

In addition, the expert assessed the consequences of defeat cruise missile targets.

Korostelev assumed to produce one division of Kazakhstan-360МЦ "Neptune" it will take a little less than a year.

In July 2019 the former Secretary of the national security Council and defense of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov said that the R-360 supposedly can get a few minutes to destroy the Crimean bridge. In response, the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky has declared that in case of such developments, Ukraine will cease to exist as a state.

Cruise missile P-360 weighs 870 pounds and can carry a warhead weighing 150 kg. The range of its start — up to 280 kilometers, a speed of about 900 kilometers per hour, altitude over the crest of the waves — from three to ten meters. The complex provides simultaneous launch up to 24 missiles.