In Seattle the police eliminated the "Autonomous zone"

The police eliminated the "Autonomous zone" in the city of Seattle in the U.S. state of Washington, according to ABC News.

Earlier it was reported that police have launched crackdown "Autonomous zones" on Wednesday morning, in accordance with the decree of the mayor of the city.

According to the TV channel, the Seattle police dispersed the protesters and cleared the proclaimed a few weeks ago, "Autonomous zone on Capitol hill." It is noted that during the crackdown, police detained 32 people.

"We are pleased to announce that law and order prevailed, and Seattle was released from anarchists," - said press Secretary of the President of the United States kaley Makineni, whose statement was posted on Twitter of the White house.

Earlier, the protesters occupied several blocks in the Central part of Seattle, declaring the territory "of the Autonomous area of Capitol hill" (CHAZ). Police officers were ordered to leave the area to reduce tensions.