In Washington, about 400 people voted on the amendments to the Constitution

About 400 people voted on the amendments to the Russian Constitution in the middle of the day in Washington, told RIA Novosti, the Minister-Counsellor of the Russian Embassy and the Deputy Chairman of election Commission Sergey Trepelkov.

"As of 2 p.m. 398 people... More than voted in new York and Houston," said Trepelkov.

"To 20.00 (3.00 MSK) expect and accept voting. Everything is going fine, almost constantly there are people. We expect that by the end of the American working day will be a little more people," the diplomat added.

"While all passes without any incidents, unless you count what's behind the gates," said Trepelkov.

According to him, several protesters against the amendments outside the Embassy in any way to vote will not affect.

The protesters themselves, which at the moment of the Embassy, three, told RIA Novosti that they are Russian citizens living in D.C. and protesting not against all, and the hospitality of the amendments, such as presidential terms and the mention of God in the Constitution.

In connection with the epidemic of the coronavirus, Russian diplomats hold a vote only three points — the diplomatic missions in Washington, new York and Houston, from mobile voting had to be abandoned because of the restrictive norms.