The UK foreign office summoned the Chinese Ambassador over Hong Kong

China's Ambassador to the UK Liu Xiaoming called to the foreign office after accusations against China of violating sovereignty, informs television channel Sky News.

Earlier, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the law on the protection of national security of Hong Kong violates the provisions signed by Britain and China of the Declaration on the autonomy of the region.

According to the TV channel, the British foreign Ministry summoned the Chinese Ambassador in London to meet with Deputy foreign Minister of UK Simon McDonald on Wednesday about the law on the security of Hong Kong.

Chinese President XI Jinping signed a decree on the entry into force on 30 June of the law on the protection of national security of Hong Kong. Earlier on Tuesday, the standing Committee of vsekitajsky meeting of national representatives endorsed the law. PC NPC also decided to include the law in Annex III of the Basic law of the Special administrative region of Hong Kong.

The bill on national security caused discontent of anti-government forces in Hong Kong and some Western officials who see it as a desire by Beijing to tighten control over the autonomy. The US President Donald trump has threatened to impose sanctions and revoke the special status of Hong Kong. China rejected any criticism and stated that the issues of Hong Kong are solely an internal matter.

Hong Kong came back into the possession of China from Britain in 1997, and has since enjoyed wide autonomy. The Central government of China adhere to the principle of "one country, two systems" in the management of the district. According to the joint Declaration of great Britain and China, Hong Kong will retain broad autonomy until 2047. How will be managed the former British colony after that date are still unknown.