Russia finished voting on amendments to the Constitution

Voting on amendments to the Constitution in Russia ended, the last polling stations in the country closed in the westernmost region - the Kaliningrad region - at 20.00 local time (21.00 GMT).

A nationwide vote on amendments to the Constitution was scheduled for 22 April, but then postponed due to the difficult epidemiological situation in the country. Later, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that the vote will take place on 1 July. Because of the need to take into account the epidemiological situation and the security of the population, it was decided that the Russians will be able to vote from 25 June to 1 July.

"Polling stations in the Kaliningrad region has completed work on the last day of voting in 20 hours (21.00 GMT). This will start the counting of votes for all seven days," - said the regional election Commission.

According oblizbirkoma, in the region worked 546 permanent stations and eight temporary. Was established 31 polling station on vessels that are at sea - they voted nearly 1.7 thousand people. In addition to the election was provided for voting at home, on the adjoining territories and in settlements where there are no facilities on the weekend and public transport which is difficult.

From June 25 to work at polling stations began monitoring group - about 2,5 thousand persons - from the regional public chamber, which controlled the situation at the polling stations, organization of the process, compliance with legislation, requirements of sanitary norms. At the exit from the polling stations was conducted exit poll two organizations - centre and the KMG.