Kyiv court adjourned the election of a preventive measure Poroshenko

The Pechersky district court of Kiev on Wednesday adjourned till July 8, in session on election of a measure of restraint for former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko about the appointment of Sergei Semochko first Deputy head of the foreign intelligence Service.

On Wednesday, the court resumed its consideration of the question of the election of Poroshenko a preventive measure in the case of the appointment of the foreign intelligence Service. The prosecution requested the court to release Poroshenko under the personal obligation. This measure provides that Poroshenko should come on the first call to the investigator and to the court, not to leave Kyiv without the permission of the investigator, Prosecutor or court, refrain from communicating with other suspects or witnesses to pass on the saving to the investigator's passport.

"The case we will adjourn until 11.00 a.m. on 8 July 2020 for the implementation of procedural actions", - told the investigative judge Sergey Vovk. The translation is in the YouTube channel "the Judiciary of Ukraine". The judge noted that at the next meeting as witnesses will be called witnesses who were present during the presentation of suspected Poroshenko.

During the meeting, the Prosecutor explained that Poroshenko, holding the post of the President alone without the consent of the Council of national security and defense of Ukraine issued a decree on the appointment of Semochko to the post of first Deputy head of the foreign intelligence Service. Thus, according to the investigation, Poroshenko persuaded the then Chairman of the foreign intelligence Service of Yegor Bozhok abuse of power and purpose Semochko for the position, which was at that time occupied by another person.

The Prosecutor noted that such actions of the former President have caused serious consequences, including the violation of the law on state secrets and the state suffered damages in the amount of 557 thousand UAH (almost 15 thousand dollars). Poroshenko lawyer Igor Golovan, said that since Semochko before being appointed to the foreign intelligence Service served in the security Service of Ukraine, he had access to state secrets.

The Prosecutor stated that the need for the application of the preventive measure to Poroshenko caused by the fact that the former President might abscond from trial, to influence suspects or witnesses and to destroy evidence. In addition, according to him, Poroshenko may go abroad for a long time, which can be a barrier to justice.

The defence claimed that the case against Poroshenko politically motivated, and he is not a suspect. The lawyers reminded the judge that he decided not to apply a measure of restraint to God because of the lack in its actions of structure of a crime. The lawyers also reminded the court that according to the Constitution of Ukraine decrees of the President are constitutional, a priori, as long as the constitutional court of Ukraine decides otherwise.

The chief of the second Department of the state Bureau of investigation Vadim Primacom previously reported that investigators gave Poroshenko a written message that he became a suspect in one of criminal cases. As explained in the press service of the Ministry, in particular, Poroshenko is suspected that he has forced God to appoint who at that time was the position of the chief of the SBU Kiev Sergei Semochko first Deputy head of the foreign intelligence Service. Poroshenko and his lawyers refused to accept the suspect and the lawyer of ex-President Ilya Novikov believes that the attorney General's office illegally gave to his client the notice. Moreover, the second lawyer Poroshenko Igor Golovan, said that the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Iryna Venediktova and its subordinate retroactively issued a decree with the procedural decision on the award of suspicion ex-the head of state.

In early October of 2018 came out journalistic investigation Bihus.info where it was alleged that in the years 2015-2017, during the conflict in the Donbass, family Semochko without having any major legal income, bought a mansion in one of the most expensive suburban settlements - the village of Kozin near Kiev - worth several million dollars. Also in the investigation said that the family "of Ukrainian intelligence and counterintelligence" Semochko listed in the databases of taxpayers of the Russian Federation. Subsequently, the counterintelligence of SBU confirmed the presence of Russian citizenship to the wife of Semochko.

Poroshenko in April 2019 fired Semochko.