The Pentagon has published a report on relations of Russia and the Taliban

The U.S. Department of defense believes that Russia supports a peace agreement with the Afghan radical movement "Taliban" to prevent the long stay of U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

"Russia will likely continue to support U.S. efforts at reconciliation with the Taliban in the hope that this reconciliation will prevent long-term US military presence (in Afghanistan)," - said in a report published on Wednesday the Pentagon report on security in Afghanistan.

"Russia politically supported the Taliban to strengthen their influence in this group, and to limit Western military presence and to encourage operations in the fight against ISIS* , although Russia publicly denies (this)", - stated in the report.

The authors of the document indicate that as of February, the Russian government worked with the Central government, regional countries and the Taliban to "increase its influence in Afghanistan, to speed up the withdrawal of American troops and security challenges that may arise as a result of the withdrawal of troops".

The document also makes reference to the statements of Russian officials and in cooperation with the US statement in connection with the signing of an agreement with the Taliban.

At the end of February at a ceremony in Qatar, the US and the Afghan militant group Taliban signed their first for more than 18 years of war a peace agreement, which provides for the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan in 14 months and the beginning of an intra-Afghan dialogue in March after a transaction for the exchange of prisoners.

However, the report provided no evidence that Russia was selling weapons to the Taliban or paid them compensation for the attack on the American soldiers. The first accusation repeatedly voiced in Washington and as repeatedly denied by Moscow. Approval of remuneration to the Taliban was contained in the publications of a number of media, which caused a scandal in the United States. And the US President Donald trump, and the Pentagon stated that it did not have such data. In particular, trump said that the story about the alleged Russia's collusion with the Taliban were invented to harm him and the Republican party the election in November.

* A terrorist organization banned in Russia