A European Parliament member has criticized the statements of the media about the "military in Crimea"

The head of delegation of European politicians, French MEP Thierry Mariani said that in the Crimea are more likely to get sunstroke than to meet the military, which they say in the Western media.

The delegation of the European politicians and experts is in the Crimea on a working visit. The delegation consisted of nine people, including five French members of the European Parliament.

"Europe still does not want to recognize the will of Crimean people in 2014 to secede from Ukraine and join Russia. Many of my colleagues believe that it is an occupied territory that there is a lot of military. I invite you to come and say that you are more likely to get sunstroke than to meet some of the military", - said Mariani.

According to him, the Western media launched a campaign to spread the fake news about the Crimea.

"Spreading information about the message that Crimea is allegedly occupied and the occupied territories. We say to our colleagues: come and see this is occupied territory or that it is not so" - said the politician.