In Thailand, the Palace Museum was burned on the first day of opening after the pandemic

Palace Museum Baan sukhawadee was built in 2000 in Pattaya, a Thai millionaire philanthropist, is almost completely burned from within by a fire that occurred in the complex of Museum buildings on Wednesday morning, the day of its reopening after lockdown because of the pandemic of coronavirus, according to the TV channel Thai PBS.

The fire broke out at 10.30 local time (06.30 GMT) in the vault of the exposition of the objects of Buddhist religious art and quickly spread to all the three-storey Museum building, built in the style of a European Palace with elements of Thai traditional architecture. More than 20 fire brigades extinguished the fire within two and a half hours, the channel reports. As a result of the fire the building burned almost completely, the report said.

At a fire nobody has suffered. Six people were inside the building at the time of the fire, had to leave before the fire spread to rooms on the first floor. According to TV channel, at the time of the fire the building was not yet open to visitors.

Baan sukhawadee was built in 2000, Dr. Pannya Cotidian, Thai millionaire and President of the company "Sakha heartland farms", one of the largest producers of chicken meat in Thailand. The company owns a network of high-tech poultry farms and is one of the main suppliers of chicken meat to Japan and South Korea.

The entrepreneur built a Palace, Baan sukhawadee on the seafront of Pattaya, set a goal to bring to the mass the visitor through images and architectural techniques their philosophy of achieving harmony and success in life. The word "Sukhavati" means prosperity, consisting of three components: purity, happiness, and wealth goals, which, in the opinion Cotidiana should put the person who wants to succeed. Exterior and interior of the Palace of colors and the sculptural images of cupids as a symbol of love, without which it is impossible to achieve the three components of welfare.

Palace, Baan sukhawadee for twenty years was a tourist attraction, which is massively attended as Thai citizens and foreign tourists.

On the causes of the fire and condition of the structural elements of the building after his information yet, informs on Wednesday TV channel Thai PBS.