The Deputy responded to the criticism of the idea to check out priests conviction in the ROC

State Duma Deputy Evgeny Marchenko expressed surprise at the negative reaction of the representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church on his offer to check for criminal record and mental abnormalities at the ordination to the priesthood, noting that the proposal was made in a very delicate manner, while such validation would not allow the ordination of people who reduce the authority of the Church.

Earlier, Marchenko sent a letter to the Patriarchate in connection with the situation around chiyoumen Sergiy (Romanov). In it the Deputy, in particular, proposed to amend the legislation to include clergy in the list of professions with mandatory medical examination for the presence service to prevent mental illness, and the provision of criminal records.

In a statement published on the website of the Russian Orthodox Church on Tuesday, the legal Department of the Moscow Patriarchate has called this initiative flagrantly contrary to the constitutional principle of separation of religious unions from the state.

"Of course, I was surprised by the reaction from the Moscow Patriarchate on my message to the Patriarch ... My desire was just to suggest and help how to establish and build the situation inside the Church to the people, deliberately selfish, the greedy, those who do not believe in God mentally ill, or criminals, could not become priests and to take this high spiritual rank, so that later not to substitute, not to embarrass the mother Church and not to reduce it spiritual authority in the nation. What's wrong with that", - said Marchenko RIA Novosti.

He stressed that the idea was expressed in an "extremely delicate, in a very mild form of the petition resolution (of the Patriarch - ed.) to work out the issue," noting that "no one is going to impose anything, it must voluntarily come from the Patriarch."

"I got acquainted with the official position of the legal Department, and with the position of the press Secretary (Volodymyr - ed.) Legoyda. The only thing I have not heard is the views of the Patriarch. And I hope he will speak out on this issue... This proposal, if you look at it properly and safely, it is quite reasonable and logical," - said Marchenko.

Marchenko said that the reaction from the administration of the Moscow Patriarchate persuaded him of the necessity of the bill on the inspection of the priests in the presence of a criminal record and mental abnormalities in the laying on of hands, and if he had asked the Patriarch to carry out such activities, now engaged in the development of this bill in accordance with its powers as Deputy.

He stressed that this initiative is his personal position and he has not received appropriate guidance or the leadership of the state Duma, nor the party line. Marchenko explained that there are many examples of lasterketa when believers are manipulated and fleeced them.

"Now some diocese carefully examines the future priest, his biography, his check, some checks - at its discretion make. If it is adopted by the Federal law, it would be a mandatory order... Some swindlers or mentally ill people, they will not get there", - said Marchenko.