In Kazakhstan due to the coronavirus has died

The event, previously scheduled for the Day of the capital, abolished in Kazakhstan because of the coronavirus, they pass online, said on Wednesday the press service of the akimat (administration) of Nur the Sultan.

Wednesday in social networks appeared information about actions with a mass congestion of people, who allegedly planned for the Day of the capital in Nur-Sultan. Users perceived this negatively, considering it inappropriate to hold the celebrations amid the tense situation with coronavirus. The city day is celebrated in Kazakhstan on 6 July and do it all in a big way, on the same day celebrates the birthday of the first President of the Republic Nursultan Nazarbayev. This year he will be 80 years old.

According to the press service, most of the activities are social in nature. "Open socially important facilities such as rehabilitation centers for children with special needs, social center "Kasipker Ana" the center will train unemployed women in basics of management of SMEs, the planned opening of the ambulance station and medical centre "Doctor at home" in the area Zhagalau and other social objects with no mass presence of the people", - stated in the message.

In addition, there will be a presentation waiting list and the holders of the keys, the event will be held with a limited number of people and strict adherence to sanitary regulations: necessary to be in disguise, to observe social distance.

In Kazakhstan confirmed more than 41 thousand cases of the coronavirus, more than 13.5 thousand patients recovered was 188 deaths.

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