The Ambassador of Belarus spoke about the proposals of Russia on deepening integration

The Ambassador of Belarus to Russia Vladimir Semashko said that last year the Russian side has offered in the framework of deepening the Union integration to transfer to the supranational level 95% of powers.

The Treaty establishing the Union state of Russia and Belarus was signed on 8 December 1999 in Moscow, for the 20th anniversary it was proposed to adopt a programme of deeper integration. Established a working group to develop proposals, parties a total of 31 developed a draft sectoral roadmaps. However, the program still is not accepted.

Answering the question whether the deepening of integration, without prejudice to the sovereignty, Semashko noted that the transfer of powers to the supranational level must be "within reasonable limits, without compromising sovereignty." "I remember February 13, 2019, when in Sochi, we put the first offer, I will not name the authors from the Russian side. And when we looked and it was handed to the President (Belarus – ed.), the President invited me and I said, well, this is a complete "hands up" is called", - said the Ambassador.

According to him, "there was everything to give up." "And, in my opinion, (on nazarovna - ed.) there were a couple of moments, such as our police, your police, and so on. But it can't be", - said the diplomat.

Semashko in an example cited by the European Union. "When you analyze the functions of the national and supranational, I counted only 18% that was given to the supranational level, the other functions remain national," he said.

Turning to the issue of a common currency in the Union state, the Ambassador stressed that regardless of the size of economies into a single emission center must be equality. "If it is a decision on the issue of devaluation, it should be adopted by consensus. Then you do not harm the interests of either one or the other side," - said Semashko.

With regard to tax and customs legislation, according to him, they are a priori because of differences in the economy may not be the same, copied a blueprint. They can only be unified, the diplomat said.