Feldman recalled the "prophetic movie" about Crimea with participation Zelensky

The head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov reminded of the amendment to the Constitution prohibiting the alienation of the country and posted on his page in social network "Vkontakte" movie Studio "Kvartal 95" with Vladimir Zelensky, in which he more than encouraged to forget about the Peninsula.

In the video Zelensky plays the role of Noah, who after the flood is glad that he by nationality "crest, but not the Muscovite." Then the voice over gives Noah the mountain Goverla, the Dnieper river, but advises to forget about the Crimea.

"But it warned "a voice from the heavens" Vladimir Zelensky long before the presidency to have forgotten about our Peninsula. And now the ban of alienation of Russian territory and even guaranteed by the amendment to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, for which today's voice of the Crimea", - wrote Aksenov in comments to the video.

The head of the Republic expressed confidence that Zelensky has to understand the situation with the affiliation of the Peninsula, but playing the role of the President of Ukraine, is obliged to follow the "script Western cinema". "Nothing can be done, work like an artist," concluded Aksenov.