In Japan ended with the vote of the Russians on the amendments

Japan finished voting on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, in Tokyo participated 556 Russians, said the press service of the Russian Embassy.

According to the Consulate General of Russia in Osaka, there voted 90 Russians. Polling stations were organized in Sapporo and Niigata.

According to him, "thus, to the maximum extent have been taken preventive measures in connection with the ongoing spread of the novel coronavirus to prevent the possibility of infection".

Galuzin expressed "appreciation to the compatriots who came to the polling stations and expressed their opinion."

On Wednesday in Japan was a working day, many Russians worked, and in Tokyo it was raining and a strong wind was blowing, but that did not stop many Russian citizens to come to a vote.

In connection with the threat of the spread of the coronavirus at the entrance to the Embassy and to the polling station in Tokyo, double-checked the temperature of all compatriots, and who did not have protective masks they were given and then demanded to wear. Hands should be disinfected.

Tables check the Embassy staff used rubber gloves, and the persons in addition to the masks they were wearing a clear plastic visor. Pens for marking the ballot paper issued to each voter irrevocably to prevent transmission of viruses through them.

A nationwide vote on amendments to the Constitution was scheduled for 22 April, but then postponed due to the difficult epidemiological situation in the country. Later, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that the vote will take place on 1 July. It was decided that in fact the citizens can vote for 7 days from 25 June to 1 July.