In Seattle, police arrested ten people during the dispersal of the "Autonomous zone"

The staff of Seattle police detained at least 10 people during the dispersal of people from the "Autonomous area of Capitol hill" (CHAZ), according to Twitter the police.

"Police at the scene continue to instruct people to disperse. Currently made about 10 arrests," - said in a statement to the police.

Protesters occupied several blocks in the Central part of Seattle, declaring the territory "of the Autonomous area of Capitol hill" (CHAZ). Police officers were ordered to leave the area to reduce tensions.

Police have launched a crackdown on "Autonomous zones" on Wednesday morning, in accordance with the decree of the mayor.

"The ongoing violence, and issues of public safety, the mayor Jenny Durkan ordered the liberation of the territory. This morning in the area will be the Seattle police, who will carry out the order of the mayor", - is spoken in the message of the police.

According to the statement, the police issued an order that the people began to disperse, and gave them eight minutes, then began to make the arrest. It is noted that the police was approached by a group of armed men. The police said that since the start of demonstrations in the area on 8 June, in the "Autonomous zone" killing two teenagers, three other people were seriously injured. In addition, the police reported several thefts, assault and other crimes.

"Because the suspects in the recent shootings can still be in the area, and also because many people in the area possess a firearm, the staff of Seattle police involved in this morning's response, will be equipped with additional protective means", - reads the statement.