In Athens more than 400 voters voted on the amendments

As of 14.00 in Athens on the site for voting on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation voted 403 of the citizen of Russia, told reporters in the PEC.

"Voting is organized. Despite the hot weather, the flow of people wanting to vote does not dry out. Thus there is no crowding," - said in the Commission.

On the site the presence of observers. Any complaints or comments on the organization of the voting process or other related issues neither from citizens nor from observers were reported, said the Commission.

We also have two groups of Commission members who conduct mobile voting for those who because of illness or for any other reason is unable personally to come to the site.

In Greece there are two polling stations in Athens and Thessaloniki.

In Thessaloniki 14.00 voted by 201 people, reported in the Dec.

In Greece on Wednesday working day, in addition to Athens and Thessaloniki is hot - up to 38 degrees.