Germany urged to protect trade along the "Northern stream — 2"

The head of the Department for external economic relations of the Union of German industrial-Commerce chambers (DIHK) Volker Treier encouraged to use "comfortable for the WTO" tools of trade protection in relation to the "Nord stream 2" in the case against him will be involved in extraterritorial sanctions.

He stressed that "the concern of the German economy increases" in connection with the sanctions of an extraterritorial nature that was employed by Washington in recent years in a number of countries, particularly Iran, Cuba and other countries in Latin America. However, the business would not recommend "to join in a sanctions spiral", the EU has a "fierce tools" that can be "proven" in terms of possible tightening of sanctions, said Treier.

"We need to put in the window more powerful weapons," - said the representative of the Union.

Earlier congressmen of the Republican and Democratic parties introduced to the U.S. house of representatives a bill to strengthen sanctions against the project of the pipeline "Nord stream 2", said a member of the house of representatives from Republicans Adam Kinzinger. In addition, at the beginning of June to the U.S. Senate was introduced another bill against the "Nord stream 2". He proposes to impose sanctions to insurers of vessels working on construction of a gas pipeline.

The German authorities are preparing retaliatory measures if the White house realizes its threat of additional sanctions against the pipeline "Nord stream 2", reported Bloomberg, citing government sources in Berlin. In an internal document, the German economy Ministry says new US sanctions may affect a substantial number of European companies and banks, and government organizations. In response, the government of Angela Merkel is considering a plan for the coordinated action of the European Union, the Agency said.