In the Ivanovo region has died of an elderly patient with coronavirus

A man at the age of 83 years became the 45th deceased patient with confirmed coronavirus infection in the Ivanovo region, said on Wednesday the government of the region.

As of July 1, in the Ivanovo region was 4761 case COVID-19, a day set 70 diagnoses. Of new cases: 34 were examined as received from SARS and pneumonia, by contact with previously sick have infected 33 people. Three people who have confirmed coronavirus, arrived in the region from Moscow and Cheboksary.

During the day, discharged 44 people, all in the Ivanovo region has recovered 2967 patients with confirmed COVID-19.

"The statistics of mortality for the last day included one case. This patient is 83 years of Kohma. He had serious side effects. Taking into account age illness proceeded hard," the message reads.

The hospital are currently 688 people, including on the beds with oxygen – 282. On the ventilator 16 patients with COVID-19.

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