ROC: the Black Lives Matter movement is becoming anti-Christian character

The movement Black Lives Matter in the US, UK and some other countries is becoming increasingly anti-Christian and anti-civilizational character, the Deputy Chancellor of the Moscow Patriarchate Bishop Zelenograd Savva (Tutunov).

Constantine the Great, adopted Christianity in the Roman Empire, canonized by the Orthodox Church canonized, is honored as "equal to the apostles Emperor."

Earlier, the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby said that the statue in Canterbury Cathedral and Westminster Abbey will be studied "very carefully" on the subject of whether they should leave. The announcement was made amid protests of activists BLM.

The cities of the U.S., and then in a number of countries in the world, a wave of protests and unrest after the death in Minneapolis at the hands of police of African-American George Floyd. He died in police detention, when one of them came over to him with his knee on the neck. The movement Black Lives Matter, performances under slogans of which was held in USA and many other countries, called for the termination of funding of the police and fight for "racial justice" organizing and conducting pogroms.