The UK launched a certification program for tourism security

Regional tourism offices of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales launched a program of safety certification for the tourism industry We're Good To Go (We are Ready), the press service of VisitBritian.

In developing the program involved more than 40 organizations in the tourism industry, including the Association's leading attractions and British parks.

The presence of a security certificate, We're Good To Go means that the company complies with the relevant recommendations of the government and the Ministry of health for the prevention coronaviruses infection. Receipt available to all members of the tourism industry.

To do this, companies must pass a test and show that they follow all the recommendations for the prevention of coronavirus. In the case of its successful completion, the company receives a certificate and emblem We're Good To Go, which is posted in the office and on the website.

Simultaneously with the security certificate UK launched an information campaign Know Before You Go (Check before travelling). As restrictions all over the country are removed gradually, tourists are offered in advance to check what facilities are open, to see with the new rules and services available.