Nur-Sultan, about a hundred people voted on the amendments

About 100 people have already voted on the amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation in the capital of Kazakhstan, the voting procedure is organized with a raised sanitary-and-epidemiologic requirements, said Wednesday RIA Novosti the Chairman of the precinct election Commission No. 8125 Nur-Sultan Dmitry Pintelin.

Voting takes place in the capital of Kazakhstan on the basis of the precinct election Commission No. 8125, which is located in the building of the Russian centre of science and culture, it started at 08.00 (05.00 GMT) and will end at 20.00 (17.00 GMT).

"Citizens who come, we give sealed bags that contain disposable face mask, gloves and stick. Of course, they are thermometry, but I would like to note that even if the people the thermometry will not, in any case, they have the right to vote, it is provided. We are not sending them back here to them people will come and in a separate room will work with them," - said Pantlin.

He also said the maximum assistance from the Kazakh authorities that provide assistance in voting.