The expert told about the expectations from the German presidency in the EU Council

The success of the outbreak of the German presidency of the EU Council will be the preservation of the EU as an economic block, every effort will be left to struggle with the economic consequences of a pandemic coronavirus, the other issues will recede into the background, says German political analyst Alexander Rahr.

Germany Wednesday begins the semi-annual presidency in the EU Council. The mechanism of the presidency allows a country-member of EU for six months to take on the role of leader of the Union in addressing the pressing issues on the agenda. The program of the German presidency focused on the fight against the pandemic coronavirus and its implications, with a focus on what the EU's response, especially in the field of economic recovery needs to be strategic and oriented to the future, in particular, to understand the objectives of climate protection and adaptation of the economy under the green technology and the further digitalization of the economy with an eye on the "digital sovereignty".

He noticed that the head of the European Commission - the second of the three key institutions of the EU along with the EU Council and the European Parliament is also a woman-politician, German Ursula von Der Leyen, who worked in the government of Chancellor Angela Merkel in different positions and is one with her party, the Christian democratic Union. "It will be to distort and manifest the vision of the German, German strategy and vision for the salvation of Europe", - said the expert.

According to him, Germany is thoroughly prepared for the presidency, noting the plans that had previously announced Berlin - the development of relations with China, cooperation in some areas with Russia. But despite all this, the main priority, the expert believes, the fight against the pandemic and its consequences.

"All will be thrown on the fire, because the first stage of the coronavirus passed, all slightly sigh, many people think that the coronavirus passed and life became what it was. But political turmoil - the whole institutions are destroyed, destroyed relationships with America - and the economic consequences of coronavirus has not yet been determined, no one knows, only suspects, as they are catastrophic. Destroyed entire industries, they will need to recover. Here, I think, during the German presidency, despite the fact that (Germany) promised to deal with China, Russia, Africa, solve the problem of migration, to resolve the situation with Turkey, start to solve the Libyan military issue, the Syrian conflict is all will, but that time and effort is not enough. This is the pitfalls, because everything will be thrown on the second phase of the fight against coronavirus - recovery, it should work. The money to patch the hole, what did Germany and many European countries, over this capacity in Europe is not, to print money is only further weakening of the European economy. We need tough action, the plan and the solidarity among all European countries, to stop actually economic catastrophe", - he added.

Rahr stressed that Germany understands this, because at the beginning of the pandemic Merkel was reluctant to large-scale actions at European level. "Then it (the President of France Emmanuel) him and others convinced that the risk of total collapse of the Eurozone, the European economy and then the whole Foundation on which Europe is built that he is real, not just philosophical speculation and imagination, but can really happen," he continued.

This, according to him, prompted Merkel to compromise with principle is not to spend taxpayers ' money to support the countries of southern Europe to save the Union. "Of course, Merkel will do everything to proclaim his policy of salvation and consolidation of Europe. Of course, the governing elites of Europe want to save as possible, the project "United States of Europe", because this project is becoming more and more unrealistic. I believe that will be the success of the German presidency, if at the end of the year, the European Union as an economic bloc, as an economic organization will survive and not get away from the scene, and even can become stronger. Then it will be a great success of the German presidency of the EU," Rahr concluded.

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