In Tatarstan, said the number of voters who voted by 1 July

The majority of the voters of Tatarstan took part in the voting on the amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation until 1 July, the turnout before the main voting day amounted to about 70%, said Chairman of the CEC of Tatarstan Andrey Kondratyev in the environment.

A nationwide vote on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation held on July 1, however polling stations opened for voting on 25th of June and worked all these days.

"At this point in the Republic of Tatarstan (in the vote) was attended by a majority of voters entitled to vote. According to the evening of 30 June, voted 2,056 million voters, accounting for 69.85 mm% of the total number of voters," said Kondratyev to journalists.

Active voting of Tatarstan the head of the CEC of the region called stable tradition of socio-political life of the Republic. However, he emphasized provided at the polling stations, security measures, special floor mats, regular disinfection, disposable mask, gloves, pens for voters. Because of this, according to him, managed to convince the citizens that voting at polling stations will be safe.

Kondrat'ev also added that in the Republic of the insured illnesses of all members of precinct and territorial commissions.

In Tatarstan it is registered more than 2.9 million voters, employs 65 territorial and 2.8 thousand precinct election commissions.