The state Historical Museum in Moscow opened for visitors

The state Historical Museum in Moscow after a long break, opened for visitors on Wednesday, guests can visit a new exhibition project "Medics in the war," he told RIA Novosti the Agency Director Alexei Levykin.

Historical Museum, like many other cultural institutions were closed for visitors from March 18 to prevent the spread of a new coronavirus infection.

According to him, visitors will be able to see the new exhibition project of the Museum, prepared for the 75th anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic war "Medics in the war", which gathered up the materials directly from the funds of the Historical Museum, as well as medical institutions and private collections. Most of the materials, including front-line drawings, paintings, photographs, posters, documentary material, objects of hospital utensils, exhibited for the first time.

"Combat losses of military physicians during the great Patriotic war occupies the second place after losses among the soldiers of rifle companies and battalions. Medics killed, pulling the wounded from the battlefield, closing them from the shrapnel with their bodies, standing at the operating table under the shelling and bombing. Thanks to the selfless labor of Soviet doctors, more than 70% of the wounded were returned to duty. A lot of work to prevent epidemics among the civilian population, and at the front", - said the Director.

As added in the press service of the Museum to represent the different stages of evacuation and treatment of wounded, the exhibition shows the complex graphics of 1941-42, dedicated to the famous hospital "SEG 290", materials about evacuation of wounded military-sanitary trains, rare archival documents and photographs, some of which until recently were kept under a signature stamp "confidentially".

Also available to visit projects such as "Faberge and the court jewellers", which is dedicated to the Russian jewelry art of the second half of XIX - early XX century, and "Freedom. Equality. Brotherhood. French faience revolutionary end of the eighteenth century" about the revolutionary earthenware as a special phenomenon in the applied arts of France.

Historical Museum to visit in the PPE, and to comply with social distance, it is noted that in the input areas of the Museum complex available disinfectants are non-contact thermometry for visitors and employees. In addition, the Museum recommends purchasing tickets in an online format and to adhere to the chosen time of arrival, as all visits are organized by sessions.