In Brazil, the court overturned a decision requiring Bolsonaro to wear a mask

Federal district court overturned a previous court ruling obliging the President Zaira Bolsonaro to wear in public places a medical mask, according to local media.

Earlier, the court ordered Bolsonaro to wear a mask in all public areas of the Federal district of Brasilia. For failure to comply with this measure, he faces a fine of 2 thousand reals per day (about $ 387 US).

The President has repeatedly appeared on the streets of Brasilia without a mask and gloves during rallies or demonstrations in support of it. Bolsonaro actively criticizes regulations limiting trade and services in the United States to combat the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19, and advocated the need to "vertical exclusion", in which only citizens from the risk group and over 60 years of age should stay home.

In March Bolsonaro said that there was no coronavirus would not be able to break it, and in the background the who declared the pandemic called the disease a "small flu". A few months of the pandemic in Brazil the resignation of two Ministers of health because of disagreements with the President on how to combat the epidemic of the coronavirus. Now duties of the head of the Ministry of health performs General VS Eduardo Pajuelo, he has no education in the field of medicine.

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