In China called "gangster logic" the intention of some countries to impose sanctions

The threat and the intention of some countries to impose sanctions against certain Chinese officials for the adoption of the national security law in Hong Kong are a "gangster logic", he said at a press conference on Wednesday the Deputy head of the office for Hong Kong and Macau of the PRC state Council Zhang Xiaoming.

The standing Committee of vsekitajsky meeting of national representatives on 30 June approved a law on national security in Hong Kong, it entered into force on the same day. PC NPC also decided to include the law in Annex III of the Basic law of the special administrative region of Hong Kong.

According to him, the fact that Beijing does at the present time is the adoption of the law on national security in one of the administrative-territorial units of the PRC, "what do you care, it is our internal Affairs."

In recent time relations between the U.S. and China worsened because of the bill to protect the national security of the special administrative region of the country - Hong Kong, which, according to Washington, is aimed at the elimination of its high autonomy. Earlier, the US imposed visa restrictions for officials of the CPC, "responsible for undermining the autonomy of Hong Kong." In addition, stopped the export of defense technologies and dual-use technologies in Hong Kong. Also will be eliminated preferences that operated in the area.

The bill rules related to the prevention, suppression and punishment committed in Hong Kong for four types of crimes, including separatist activities, attempts of Subversion of state power, terrorist activities, conspiracy with foreign States, or abroad, with the aim to compromise national security.