In Bolivia, Morales was accused of conspiracy in the case on the ventilator

The Deputy Minister for the fight against corruption of Bolivia Guido Melgar said that in the case of procurement of resuscitators at inflated prices appeared 17 new suspects associated with the previous government, including former President, Evo Morales.

According to Melgar, the authorities expanded the business to include 17 people associated with the previous government, including ousted President Morales, who is now in Argentina.

Earlier in the case of the six suspects were arrested and placed under house arrest the former head of the Ministry of health Marcelo Navajas.

The scandal of the ventilator broke out the next day after their arrival in the country, when doctors said that the equipment does not meet the requirements of the world health organization and is unfit for use in intensive care. In addition, it became known that the government of Bolivia paid more than 20 thousand dollars for each of the 170 vehicles with factory price 7 243 USD. This caused protests among the local population, including universities, which was previously proposed to produce equipment at an average price of 1 thousand dollars.