Ukraine and Poland launch a virtual connection of its gas systems

Ukraine and Poland on Wednesday launch a new virtual connection of its gas system, which will replace the two existing interconnection – "Drozdovychi" and "Guarded". This will simplify the import of gas to Ukraine from the Polish direction.

Earlier, the head of the "Operator GTS of Ukraine" Sergey Makogon reported that gas supplies from Poland to Ukraine via the "virtual reverse" began in January. Later a "virtual reversal" of gas was launched from Slovakia and Hungary. According to him, Ukraine prior to the expiration of the previous contract with Russia for gas transit could not use the "virtual reverse" and was forced to physically take out all volumes of gas to Poland through the "Drozdovychi" and to deliver the desired volume back through the "Guarded".

"Virtual reversal" of gas allows Kiev to pick up some of the transit of Russian gas, processing it as a purchase from European countries.

According to "the Operator of Ukraine's GTS", in January-may, the country imported from the European Union 5.2 billion cubic meters of gas, which is 30% (1.2 billion cubic meters) more than in the same period of 2019. Gas supplies from Poland for the period amounted to 800 million cubic meters, which is 40% more than the same period last year.

"The operator of the gas transportation system of Ukraine" and the Polish gas operator Gaz-System June 5 signed a new interoperator agreement to launch a virtual connection of the gas systems.

"After months of difficult negotiations, we signed a new interconnection agreement and on 1 July launched a full-fledged virtual point "Ukraine-Poland", which will unite two existing gas metering station "Drozdovychi" and "G.", - wrote the head of the Ukrainian operator Sergey Makogon on his page in Facebook.

According to him, the creation of virtual nodes greatly simplify the import of gas to Ukraine from the Polish direction and strengthen its energy security.

Ukrainian GTS operator reported that after the launch of the virtual connection network users will not have to choose which connection point you should carry out the transportation of gas, you just need to specify the direction of transport. And booked earlier power users of networks points at interstate connections "Drozdovychi" and "Guarded" are automatically transferred to your new virtual power point "Ukraine-Poland". The tariff for transporting gas in interstate points of connection does not change. Booking of facilities will occur in accordance with the rules of the network codes of the two countries.

Makogon noted that Poland is an important partner of Ukraine and a very attractive market since there is a LNG terminal, construction of gas pipelines in Lithuania and Norway and, in his opinion, will allow Ukraine to receive access to this gas resource.

Gaz-System informed that the reservation of transmission capacity for the new virtual connection in both directions will be available from 6 July on the platform GSAPlatform.

According to Makogon, Ukraine is ready to accept from the Polish transmission system to 6.6 billion cubic meters of gas a year for a new virtual connection of the gas systems, but the availability of these volumes is only possible after the reconstruction of hydraulic structures on Polish territory.