Libyan tribes gave the oil objects of the country the LDF and the Parliament

Libyan tribes completely transferred the control over the oil fields and ports to the Parliament for the East of the country and the Libyan national army (LNA) led by a Marshal Khalifa the Haftarot, said RIA Novosti Deputy Chairman of the LDF supports the Supreme Council of sheikhs and tribal elders of Libya al-Senussi al-Khaliq.

"On Monday we gave the oil fields and ports are under the responsibility of the Parliament (led by Aquila Saleh - ed.) and the LDF, they can at any time to unlock them," said al-Khaliq.

The representative of the Council was reminded that the tribes have blocked these objects in order to avoid the use of oil revenues "to Finance terrorism and armed groups, while the Libyan funds have been squandered on arms deliveries and the sending of mercenaries killing Libyans."

Al-Khaliq said that the oil region passed under the control of the LDF, subject to the requirements of the tribes, otherwise oil facilities will be re-blocked. The main conditions he said the "opening of a Bank account for the proceeds of oil revenues, which will be administered by the sovereign Fund without the participation of the National oil company (NOC) and Central Bank of Libya