Cirque du Soleil will resume the show until early 2021

CEO of the canadian company Cirque du Soleil, Daniel Lamar said that the show is unlikely to resume until the beginning of 2021.

Earlier, the group of companies of Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group has addressed in court with the aim of obtaining protection from creditors. The company stressed that this measure was taken in response to "tremendous disruption" and forced the closing of the show by the pandemic coronavirus. The Russian representation of Cirque du Soleil has told RIA Novosti that it is derived from this process continues to operate normally and to prepare for the launch of the next tour of Cirque du Soleil in Russia.

Lamar said that the show will be renewed gradually, as you return to "normal life".

"No one knows when will return to normal life, we have compiled a fairly conservative business plan: we do not expect that it will come back with the show until the beginning of 2021," said he in an interview with CNBC.

The first show will return to Las Vegas, then resumes in Orlando, after which "it will take some time to return to tours," added Lamar.

He also noted that the company received protection from creditors. "Now that we are protected from creditors, we also received an offer from our shareholders, and with the support of the government of Quebec, which lent us $ 200 million, for a total amount of 300 million dollars will be reinvested in the proposal that we have in the company to get through the crisis and prepare for the revival of the company when I get back to a normal life," said Lamar.

He promised that Cirque du Soleil will remain a company focused on live performances, when the show resumes, necessary measures will be taken to protect performers and spectators from the coronavirus.