In Surgut police officers fired after the Banquet to bypass the bans from COVID

Five officers in Surgut (Khanty) fired after a Banquet in a cafe to bypass the restrictions, imposed because of the coronavirus, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday in the regional Department of internal Affairs.

The office at the end of may reported on the implementation of the internal audit in respect of five employees of the Surgut police who took part in the night entertainment event held at one of the local cafes.

"Employees were fired, and their leaders brought to disciplinary responsibility", - said the representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs.

Earlier also it was reported that in respect of the owner of the cafe made the administrative Protocol under article about violation of the rules of conduct in emergency situations or the threat of its occurrence.

Such places, according to the existing regional regimes on high alert and mandatory isolation, must be closed. Monitor compliance with these requirements, in particular, employees of the interior Ministry. So, in early may, the police Surgut "covered" the underground party in the restaurant after the complaint of a local resident. In respect of visitors of the restaurant the police have made nine administrative reports. In this case the police had search in another region, the Director of the institution, to involve it in administrative responsibility.