The victims in the case Weinstein will receive about $ 19 million

The victims of American film producer Harvey Weinstein, convicted of rape, will receive about $ 19 million, reads the statement of the attorney General of the state of new York Letitia James.

"We helped obtain $ 19 million for survivors of sexual violence and harassment Harvey Weinstein," wrote James on Twitter.

According to the statements of the attorney General, the payment still must be approved by the courts in cases of bankruptcy and district courts.

The payment will settle a lawsuit by the General Prosecutor's office from February 2018 against the company the Weinstein Company LLC, Harvey and Robert Vistanow for the maintenance of hostile working environment in the company and a separate class action lawsuit from women subjected to sexual harassment by Harvey Weinstein.

As noted on the website of the Prosecutor General, the agreement suggests that women who was in a hostile work environment or sexual harassment, the sex discrimination while working at The Weinstein Company, and was sexually abused by Harvey Weinstein, are entitled to receive compensation through a Fund to compensate victims at the rate of 18 $ 875,000.

"Harvey Weinstein and The Weinstein Company have let down their employees. After all the harassment, threats and discrimination, they finally have achieved some degree of justice. More than two years, my office fought tirelessly for justice for women whose lives were turned upside down Harvey Weinstein. This agreement is a victory for every woman who has experienced sexual harassment, discrimination, intimidation or harassment by your employer. I thank the brave women who shared their stories with my office," added James.

In March, the Supreme court of the state of new York sentenced Weinstein, convicted of rape and forced oral sex, to 23 years in prison. In this case the jury acquitted him on three other counts, including the more serious rape, for which he faces life imprisonment. The case against Weinstein also addressed in the California court.