The instructor told us how to get into an accident on a moped and a scooter

The owner of the network techcentral in Bangkok and motorcycle expert with 33 years of experience Surin Bounpheng told RIA Novosti, how to protect yourself from an accident on a motorcycle, moped and scooter.

The famous Russian blogger zubrin; Anastasia (Nastya Tropical) died June 21 in an accident at the wheel of a sports bike on the Indonesian island of Bali.

He said, "Thailand is considered one of the world's leader in fatal accidents, it is a widely known fact", "not all know that more than 70% of deadly accidents happen with motorcycles. About 40% because of driving under the influence of alcohol, and the rest – for other reasons", - said Bounpheng.

He noted that "in too many fatal accidents with motorcycles that occurred "for other reasons", the real reason – inexperience or lack of training of the driver". "This is especially true of sport bikes. Any road bike is very strict and therefore dangerous machine which does not forgive mistakes. To ride a sportbike on city streets is not less dangerous to the driver than to go on a Bicycle on a motorway, just in one case the danger comes from speeding on the highway car, and the other – and even from your own bike," said the expert.

He added that the scooter can be a good "stepping stone" to the more complex and heavy machines.

He explained that with mopeds and scooters is also sometimes it happens, but they are much lighter in weight and to deal with them in such a situation much easier.

"But chopper did not notice pits and potholes, because of its mass and design: he has a big steering wheel, and a lever for applying force much more than sportbike" he said.

"Even for any motorcyclist it is important to learn to understand that he himself, and the drivers of cars and other motorcycles on the road have blind spots the mirrors cannot be seen when in dangerous proximity to transport. Therefore, it is best simply to always keep your distance and be sure to set your mirrors so that blind spot is as small as possible, and you would be in any position of the motorcycle is convenient to them to watch," added Bounpheng.

He also noted that in resort areas of Thailand European motorcyclists often get into accidents due to improper overtaking.

"What ride do have the left side, it's understood pretty quickly. But when overtaking on a narrow road often there is a situation where a rider with the experience of driving a motorcycle or car in the country with right-hand traffic, instinctively begins to overtake going ahead of the left. Especially among Thais and many undisciplined drivers that produce overtaking as they think convenient, and too often overtake cars on the left. The driver of the car not waiting for your appearance in this sector, and may, for example, the wag in your direction, going round a small obstacle on the road, with not the most successful consequences," he said.

"Those who come to the resort and rents a scooter or motorcycle, not knowing how to ride it, I advise just not to do it. It is better to first pass the instructor standard training course of motor school, as at the time of driver's license. It is possible and on the Thai resort make. And in the next race to take the scooter in the hire and ride. And for those who can, will be advised to see if the rolling contract is full insurance. Motorcycle accidents with injuries are in principle much higher than for car, and without insurance at the very small accident you will have to pay and treatment of his bruises and injuries, and repair of motorcycle," -