The expert explained how at the age of 16 to register self-employed

Teenagers to register as self-employed from the age of 16 will have to obtain parental consent or to seek full emancipation, told RIA Novosti expert of the National center for financial literacy Natalia Shumakova.

According to her, if in case of a written agreement responsibility for the actions of teenagers are parents, then emancipation, the teenager is endowed with all the rights and obligations, and shall bear personal responsibility under all obligations. "Emancipation is the recognition of the minor's full legal capacity before 18 years if he carries out activities under an employment contract or entrepreneurial activity with the consent of the parents. The procedure is done by decision of bodies of guardianship and guardianship within 10 days to a month," - said the expert.

She noted that according to the explanations of the Federal tax service (FTS), the registration of a minor as self-employed is available in the usual manner, for example, through the mobile app "My tax" or in the web office on the website nalog.ru and check via the mobile app, the expert noted as the most simple and intuitive for a teenager. Moreover, for minor entrepreneurs risks from the point of view of the law are virtually absent, and if something goes wrong, self-employment will be possible in single click to close the application "My tax".

The expert stressed that the status of the self-employed can save up to 30% on the taxes and duties that may be true for young bloggers, who in addition receive the opportunity to officially enter into the advertising contract to save on social contributions and to officially earn.

"In 16 years teenager may provide services of the tutor, nurse, courier, to organize the production and sale of t-shirts with logos or making cakes, repairing office equipment. Tax on professional income is the first step into the adult business, a great opportunity for students to practice the skills of financial literacy, as well as to implement their knowledge and skills in various competencies, to try their hand at entrepreneurship", - concluded the expert.