In Primorye, extended the high alert for coronavirus

The mode of increased readiness because of the threat of the spread of coronavirus in Primorye extended until July 15, the order of the government of the region.

It States that restrictive measures, including a ban on the work of a number of businesses mask mode and social distance have been extended until July 15.

Previously, the government announced that from 30 June in Primorye, the number of restrictions caused by the pandemic: allowed training for sports teams in sports, the work of museums and exhibitions. At preservation of favorable epidemic situation is still part of the restrictions will be removed in four days — will begin to operate fitness clubs and shopping centres with an area of 800 square meters. After July 6, while maintaining the epidemiological situation and decrease of the number of cases, the authorities plan to move on to the third stage of the lifting of restrictions, opening of public catering enterprises, shops, larger shopping centers, tourist centers.

Mode isolation is valid in the region from March 31, from April 30 — mask mode. May 26 began the first phase of the lifting of restrictions.

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