In Russia started mass production machine, a competitor of the AK-12

Manufacture of 5.45 mm machine gun A-545 (index 6П67) created for the equipment of the "Warrior" along with the AK-12, started to plant them. Degtyareva, told RIA Novosti source in the military-industrial complex.

"The contract signed with the Ministry of defence, the proceedings are conducted," - said the Agency interlocutor. However, he did not specify how many of the machines ordered by military Department.

Previously, the defense Ministry said that, in particular, by the Navy until the end of the year will go the 5.45-mm machine guns 6П67, a 7.62 mm sniper rifle SV-98 and SVDS, 9-mm sniper rifle WSSM and special machines ASM "Shaft", as well as other weapons.

The AK-12 and AK-15 caliber 5.45 and 7.62 millimeters, developed by concern "Kalashnikov" in the framework of the "Warrior" as an element of the perspective of the complex equipment of the Russian military and the end of 2018, adopted by the armed forces.

AK-12 is positioned as a new platform on which it is planned to produce weapons of different calibre and for different purposes – both military and civilian. Version of the AK-12 for the civilian market called AK TR3.

A-545 and A-762 are the continuation of the project Abakan AEK-971. Work on AEK-971 resumed in the mid-90s, were made in a series of balanced guns of caliber of 5,45, 5,56 and 7,62 mm. All samples passed the stage of preliminary tests at the plant, but the project had to stop due to the conversion of the enterprise.

The machine is back in 2012 in the framework of the ROC "Warrior". A-545 and A-762 was more versatile machines, which any expert will easily be able to customize yourself. A massive retooling of troops in A-545 and A-762 is not planned. These machines will go to intelligence units and special forces.