Analyst spoke about the "serious split" in NATO because of the Russian s-400

"Showdown" between Turkey and the United States because of the Russian s-400 leads to a serious split in NATO, said the expert of Association of military political scientists Andrei Koshkin in an interview with RT.

He commented on the initiative of U.S. Senator John Thune, who called "the way" to resolve differences between Washington and Ankara on Russian SAMS. He introduced an amendment to the defense budget of the United States, which offered to buy these systems from Turkey.

"The showdown between Turkey and the US about the s-400 has become a precedent for the entire NATO Alliance member is armed with the weapons that are produced and are in service of the state, against which NATO build all of their systems. This leads to a very serious split: after all, Turkey is one of the most powerful in military terms, NATO countries," said Koshkin.

The initiative of Senator Thune, according to the analyst, aimed to resolve this issue "in one stroke", but the amendment, if adopted, cannot change the superiority of s-400 over the American counterparts.

"This idea is issued for a peaceful, political solution to the issue. But even if this amendment is approved and the transaction is made, which is unlikely, the problem will not go away. S-400 is still better and more attractive. And NATO still would not consent," — said the expert.

The delivery of s-400, which caused a crisis in relations between Turkey and the United States began in mid-July last year. Washington demanded Ankara to abandon the deal and buy American complexes Patriot. The United States threatened to delay or even cancel the sale of Turkey's newest F-35 fighter, as well as to impose sanctions against it. Ankara to make concessions refused.

Last year, Russia fulfilled the first contract for the supply of Turkey's four battalions of s-400 in the amount of $ 2.5 billion. In June, the sides also reached agreement in principle on the supply of the second set of air defense systems.