Railways resumed the running about 70 cancelled due COVID trains

Railways on the background of the gradual removal of restrictions in the regions of Russia, imposed earlier due to the situation of coronavirus has already been resumed running about 70 domestic passenger long-distance trains, considered to RIA Novosti on the website of the company.

The CEO of Russian Railways Oleg Belozerov at meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin in early may, noted that the holding company has cancelled more than half of long-distance trains in Russia because of lower carriage of passengers in connection with the coronavirus, while retaining the accessibility of the regions. As follows from data in a special section on the chart, only Russian Railways canceled more than 100 long-distance trains in Russia.

Russian regions have begun to gradually withdraw the previously entered due to the unfavorable epidemiological situation limitations. As follows from the data in a special section on the website of the Russian Railways holding as of July 1, restored in fact running for about 70 long-distance trains.

Railways in late June reported that demand for travel to long-distance trains in June doubled compared to may, and the company will restore the schedule more than 70 compositions. So, if at the end of may the passengers were issued an average of about 100 thousand tickets a day, in June - 200 thousand a day.

The company explained that this is due to the gradual removal of restrictions imposed by regions of the Russian Federation on the background of the situation with coronavirus, and the start of the Russian season. The Railways used to bring the statistics that the majority of tickets (37%) were purchased for the trains in the message with the black sea coast and the resorts of the North Caucasus. About 32% of the tickets issued passengers on trains in the message with Moscow, another 31% on trains plying in the message with the regions.

RZD reported that the company carried out disinfection of the cars active against viruses with the means and permitted for use Rospotrebnadzor. The frequency of cleaning of wagons in transit increased from two to four times per day. In this case, the solution of the disinfectant be sure to wipe all the knobs and handles in the car. Disinfection of air in new cars happens ultraviolet lamps.