In Russia come into force fire safety requirements for theaters

The order of EMERCOM of Russia, which establishes a number of fire safety requirements for multifunctional buildings (MFZ), shall be enforced from Wednesday.

The rulebook establishes fire safety requirements for the design, reconstruction, major repairs, operation and technical re-equipment of multi-functional buildings with a maximum height of 50 metres. Rules apply to buildings in which there are cinemas, concert halls, exhibitions, drugstores, banks, offices, hotels, Parking and other facilities.

The document regulates the General requirements for MFZ. So, the room, designed for the simultaneous presence of more than 150 people should not be placed below the first basement. The exception is the underground Parking. For the location of transformer substations involves the first, ground floor or first underground floors, with fire barriers selection and exit to the outside. In addition, the entrance of fire equipment to such buildings must be secured from all sides.

The document also establishes requirements for fire protection systems. MFZ must be equipped with a warning system and evacuation in case of fire not lower than the fourth type, analogue addressable fire alarm system, automatic fire extinguishing systems, the fire attendant room. In MFZ height of three or more storeys should be provided to every fire compartment for at least one Elevator for transporting fire departments.

In the order prescribed terms "mezzanine" and "atrium", as well as requirements. The document stated the requirements for evacuation routes and exits for evacuation from various parts of the building within one fire compartment, is permitted to use a common stairwell. At the same time on the evacuation stairwells in the MFZ should be coming out. Of the room, facing the atrium, must have at least two escape routes at the horizontal passage, the length of which should not exceed 60 meters. Children's rooms in the atrium space should be no higher than the third floor and have at least two emergency exits leading in different escape routes.