The dog handler explained how to protect a dog from heat stroke

High temperature and direct sunlight hazardous to the health of dogs. How to help your pet beat the heat, said in an interview with radio Sputnik, the dog, the animal psychology, the founder of the dog training center "School of Orlov," Vitaly Orlov.

In the heat of any dog, even with good indicators in health, be a little more sluggish than in cool weather. But if the hot weather does not follow the simple but very important rules, the question may be about the life and death of the pet.

The dog is in any case can not be left in the car, warns Vitaly Orlov.

We can not allow the dog "roasted" in the sun.

"Being in direct sunlight is also fatal. Walks should be either in the early morning hours before the sun became hot, or late in the evening when the sun stopped being scorching. If you like to walk a day, walk in a shaded, ventilated places," warned the dog handler.

To go with the dog to the beach you can afford on only one occasion, said Vitaly Orlov.

"On the beach with a dog you can go only if you have a very good shelter, where the dog can stay in the shade. Otherwise it is not necessary a large period of time, the dog lost health," said the handler.

Leave the pet on the balcony or loggia is also very dangerous, he warned the handler.

Any thermal shocks have consequences for the health of the dogs, said Vitaly Orlov. The pet should always have free access to water, in this weather it maybe two to three times less than it is. The main thing – observe the condition of your animal.