The Senate has included sanctions against the "Nord stream — 2" in the project of the budget of the United States

The U.S. Senate has included additional sanctions against the "Nord stream — 2" in the project of the budget of national defence, announced on Tuesday, Republican Congressman Steve Womack.

Womack said that the Russian authorities want to use the project as an instrument of coercion, and its goal is to increase the dependence of Poland and Ukraine from Russian gas. "I'm proud to be a sponsor of the sanctions aimed at stopping its construction, and applauded the Senate for including this priority in the draft budget of national defence", - he wrote in his Twitter.

The Senate under Republican control and the house of representatives under control of the Democrats present their defense budget. Then they brings the conciliation Commission, after which a final version both chambers vote and it goes to the President for signature.

The project involves construction of a pipeline capacity of 55 billion cubic meters per year off the coast of Russia through the Baltic sea to Germany. It implements the company 2 the Nord Stream AG with the sole shareholder - "Gazprom". European partners - Royal Dutch Shell, OMV, Engie, Uniper and Wintershall in total the project is financed by 50% that is worth up to EUR 950 million each. Against the project actively advocate USA, in the EU promoting its liquefied natural gas, and Ukraine, fearing to lose the transit. States in December imposed sanctions against the "Nord stream — 2", demanding that the companies immediately stop the construction of a gas pipeline. Swiss Allseas almost immediately announced the suspension of such works. Russia has repeatedly pointed out that the project is commercial and profitable Europe.

Gazprom is taking steps to complete the gas pipeline, the essence of which he never disclosed, and is awaiting its launch in late 2020 or early 2021. At the moment, laid about 94% of the pipes. However, on 4 June, a number of senators, including influential Republican Ted Cruz introduced in the Senate the bill on new sanctions against the "Nord stream — 2". According to their statement, the sanctions apply to all involved in the construction of the court, those who facilitated the provision of these courts, provides for them, insurance and port services, as well as those who will provide the certification to start operation of the pipeline.